Feel The Love Tonight

"Feel The Love Tonight" is a documentary presentation hosted and narrated by ECL co-founder Kyle Davis. In this quarter-hour special, Davis takes us on a journey through the world of film scores, soundtracks, and the musical artists who bring an extra layer to movies and television.
Brain Fitness

Join former spiritual guru, Bruce Fiesta, on his new program, "Brain Fitness." After the boom of fitness videos in the eighties and nineties, Bruce Fiesta has added a new element to these classic workouts, just in time to revive this overlooked medium.
Beyond the Streets

Kyle Davis, along with Kyle Palmer, dive into what it means to be a street performer. From the humble beginnings of some celebrities, to the humble endings of some performers we never got to see or hear, street performers are a profound piece to a large puzzle called America.
With What We Know Now

Philosophy and poetry collide in this off-kilter look into existential concepts, emotions, and ideas that keep our hearts and minds wandering.